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How To Plan A Trip Within Your Budget

Travelling to another destination is an adventure itself, regardless of the activities you participate in! You get the opportunity to experience a new culture with different people and unique places to explore. However, you must plan the budget of your trip carefully, before embarking upon this journey.


Before you decide to splurge on extravagant hotels which could rip you off, consider researching on rental places to stay which offer a comfortable stay at a cheaper price. There are several hotel apartments as well, which consist of the basic necessary items needed to make your stay convenient yet enjoyable. However, if you prefer five star treatment over cost cutting options, then you could choose to stay at a luxurious hotel.


Your food budget would differ depending on the country you are visiting, therefore research online for the prices at certain restaurants to get a rough idea about how much food costs in these places. If your idea of food is fine dining which consists of fancy dinners and wine, then you could try searching for online coupons or student/family discounts which some places may offer. However, if you are a fast-food kind of person, then you may be able to save a lot of money on food and spend this at other tourist spots. Since it would be difficult to calculate the exact cost of food, try estimating around $30 per meal, so that you do not carry less money than what is required.


Although calculating the cost of transportation might seem irrelevant, it is one of the most crucial aspects to take into account while planning your trip. When selecting your accommodation, remember to calculate bus or taxi fares from these places to the tourist spots and other prime locations. For example: certain self serviced apartments Newcastle might offer a lower price, however they may be situated away from the central part of the city thereby causing you to spend more on travelling. Therefore, take these costs into consideration when calculating your budget.

Extra expenses

This category would comprise of shopping and tourist activities which you would like to include in your trip itinerary. Depending on the famous activities at the destination, you could make advance bookings at certain places which offer a discount for early booking. In addition, compare the rates at the stores, so that you could shop only for the necessary items if it is expensive or you could go on a shopping spree if prices are cheaper. Either way, always carry extra money as you never know what you might find while shopping.

Planning a trip is always fun, but going broke halfway through the trip isn’t! Therefore, always plan smart and research online in advance to compare rates and to have an idea about how much money to carry. This way, you get to enjoy your trip without having to worry about going broke!